New and Used PCs and Laptops

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of the PCs we build and sell. All of our new PCs are built to customer specification and we take the time to establish what the customer needs before we build a PC. We don’t offer any ‘off-the-shelf’ packages; every PC that we build is different – This means that when you buy a PC from us, you are paying for exactly what you need rather than paying for parts you never use, it also means you will get a machine that is built to do exactly what you need it for.

PC and Laptop Repairs

Simply bring the machine into us and we will diagnose and repair any faults – including software issues, hardware faults and electrical problems such as faulty power jacks.

We do charge a small and non-refundable diagnostic fee for this service, but in most cases we can give you a good indication of total cost before we even book your machine in.

Our average turn around time for PC and laptop repairs is 1-2 working days – this can be longer in some situations, especially if there is a hardware fault, and if we need to perform a component level repair this can take up to 10 days.