Business IT Support

IT is an important part of all businesses – whether you are a small home-run business, a medium sized company or a large enterprise you will undoubtedly use computers, printers and other IT equipment in the day to day running of your business.

In fact in our experience, it is only when the IT within a business stops working completely, that the staff realise how important the IT is.

We offer critical IT support for small to medium sized business with the aim of keeping IT systems alive and running smoothly at all times – our IT support services provide a comprehensive IT maintenance plan including:

  • Proactive support – we monitor your mission critical systems remotely on a nightly basis which means that we often catch problems before they even become real problems.
  • Remote support per incident – you call us with a problem and we resolve it by logging in remotely to your system – this means we can have small problems resolved within hours or sometimes minutes of them occurring.
  • On-site support – with our maintenance contracts you get dedicated onsite support from our engineers at no additional charge.
  • On-going Systems improvement – when we take on a contract we always perform a full system audit before hand, if we see potential problem areas we will notify you and provide solutions – this can sometimes prevent problems that may have just been waiting to occur.

Being a small IT company we also offer an extremely high level of service to our IT maintenance clients – when we take on new contracts we assign a dedicated member of our team to the client – this means that when you do have a problem with your IT, you can call your dedicated engineer via mobile and they already know your system inside out, making problems much easier to tackle.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are so confident in the services that we provide to local businesses that we do not tie any of our clients into lengthy contracts (unless of course they require us to do so). We provide support services on a monthly rolling contract – this means that if you are ever unhappy with our support, or for any other reason you wish to terminate, you can do so without any get-out fee, termination charge or any other forfeit – if you as our client are not happy, then we are not happy taking your money.

Support Options

Of course not every company needs a support contract, so we also offer support on an Ad-Hoc basis as well as one-of installation services.

Complete IT Support

For businesses that cannot operate without working IT, we offer on-going support contracts giving you complete IT maintenance for a small monthly charge.

With an IT contract from us you will be assigned a dedicated engineer who will perform preventative as well as per incident IT support for your entire IT system, including the following services:

  • Unlimited remote Support – we can deal with many problems over the phone using our remote support software which allows us to log in remotely to any client or server system that we manage, and resolve many software issues.
  • Unlimited on-site support – unlike some IT companies, we do not charge our maintenance clients additional call-out fees, if you have a contract with us, we cover onsite visits as part of the contract.
  • Proactive maintenance – We check all of our client’s servers on a nightly basis so that we know exactly how systems are running and we also spot potential problems before they occur.
  • Software installs – if you have a new Sage update, or a new piece of software to add t your system, we can come and do that for you.
  • Regular IT practice reviews – we regularly review the IT procedures and tell you if we can see areas that will improve your IT productivity, equally if you as our client feel changes are necessary, we can help to implement them.
  • Software installation – if you have a new Sage update, or a new piece of software to add to your system, we can do that for you.

We are happy to support all of the following systems:

  • Client Workstations (PC systems and Laptops) – including Windows 7, windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Server Systems – including Windows Server 2008, SBS 2011, 2012 and 2016
  • Windows Software including but not limited to Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe, Outlook
  • Microsoft SQL Environments
  • Microsoft Exchange Environments
  • Microsoft SharePoint Environments
  • Virtual Private Network Systems
  • Terminal Server Systems
  • Bespoke software – we are happy to support bespoke software but always recommend additional support be taken out directly with the provider where possible.

Ad-Hoc IT Support

If you are running a very small IT system, or you do not feel that a support contract will benefit your business, we offer ad-hoc IT support on a per callout basis, charged per hour.

Our Ad-hoc support is very reasonably priced and we can normally give you a good idea of how much any particular job may cost when charged per hour.

Ad-Hoc support can resolve most of the issues that our contracts will deal with, the main differences with ad-hoc support are:

  • No preventative maintenance – with our ad-hoc support we only work on your system when you tell us you have a problem, therefore we will never catch potential problems before they arise
  • lower response times – We provide a high level of service to all of our customers, but if we have an issue with a contract client we will always aim to resolve that before any issues with ad-hoc clients – this is because we have a much greater obligation to our contract clients.
  • More manageable costs – With ad-hoc support you can manage costs as they arise – this is good for small businesses as you may only use our services occasionally.

Main Disadvantages

The main disadvantage and potential problem with Ad-hoc support is the fact that we do not monitor your system, and more importantly the fact that by the time you as the client notices a problem it could already be a disaster – for this reason we recommend ad-hoc support for companies that only run workstations – whereas companies that run server based systems we always highly recommend maintenance contracts.

IT Planning & Installation

We offer full planning, installation and upgrade services for business IT systems – whether it be a brand new IT system installation, a planned upgrade or a disaster recovery situation we will make sure the entire process runs smoothly – from planning to costing to deployment.

We can plan for and deploy the following IT systems:

  • New installations – Entire IT infrastructure including cabling, workstations, servers, routing/switching and training where required.
  • System upgrades – including hardware and software upgrades, server upgrades and entire system upgrades.
  • Disaster recovery – if you have a failed system we can plan and implement a recovery solution to get you back up and running.
  • Backup Systems – We offer a full, nightly, managed offsite backup system to our secure data centre.

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