Database Design

Does your business rely on many spread sheets, untold amounts of template word documents or do you store mass amounts of data in other formats and find yourself struggling to use this data to it’s fullest potential?

Then a custom designed and built database could possibly be your solution.

We offer the Following:

  • Secure MYSQL Databases to store all of your data
  • Client Side ‘Front ends’ written in HTML which can be integrated with your current website or we can integrate it with one of our website packages where the html front end communicates with the database via PHP
  • Storage of your database on a secure external web server or stored locally on a secure server that we can also provide

All Data is backed up on a nightly basis, to one of our many secure backup servers.

Having a bespoke database would enable you to then integrate many of your minor time consuming operations into one seamless procedure where you can store all the data you hold in one location and search or query this data in a couple of mouse clicks; instead of opening a multitude of documents trying to find the data you need!

Migrating operations from old working practices to something completely new can seem a daunting task but we make it as painless as possible by analysing your current working procedures and building your database around them.

We work with you by holding preliminary meetings before any work is undertaken to make sure your new database does exactly what you require and liaise with you throughout the whole process on a weekly basis. We also provide you with in-depth training on your new database and maintain it during it’s lifecycle.

Your dedicated database engineer is always only a telephone call away.